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The Diet Trap: Why You Should Never Go on a Diet Again and What To Do Instead

21 час. назад

Visit: 0:16 - Introduction #1 1:30 - Presentation #1 - Sandra Aamodt, PhD 24:08 - Introduction #2 25:25 - Presentation #2 - Darya Rose, PhD ...

The Face of Food Addiction: Living Through and Beyond

24 час. назад

Visit: An increasing number of scientific studies suggest that food, like drugs or alcohol, can have addictive qualities. Food addiction is a ...

UCTV Monthly Promo June 2018 (Global Health Day; Women in Leadership; Innovator Stories)

1 дн. назад

Visit: This Month: Students and experts explore mental health issues and student advocacy on UC Global Health Day; Women leaders come ...

Cranial Remolding Helmets

2 дн. назад

Visit: Learn more about cranial remolding treatments including information about remolding helmets. Series: "Mini Medical School for the ...

Building Beloved Community - Traci Blackmon - Burke Lectureship on Religion and Society

3 дн. назад

Visit: 0:12 - Intro - Becky Petitt 4:12 - Lecture - Traci Blackmon 40:46 - Audience Q&A Rev. Traci Blackmon is the Executive Minister of Justice ...

When to See a Physician for Back Pain

4 дн. назад

Visit: Watch the Entire Show Here: Back pain is common and a specific cause can be ...

Conversations with History: Sir Lawrence Freedman

5 дн. назад

Visit: Conversations host welcomes Sir Lawrence Freedman, Emeritus Professor of War Studies at King's College, London, for a discussion of ...

Mindfulness is Easy

6 дн. назад

Visit: Watch the Entire Show Here: Just be present or, try not to multi-task. Douglas ...

Resilience: A Therapeutic Approach to Improving Performance and Health

1 нед. назад

Visit: 0:15 - Start of Presentation - Curtis Cramblett 1:00:48 - Q & A Expert cycling coach Curtis Cramblett, explains how to move from ...

Telomeres and the Immune System

1 нед. назад

Visit: Watch the Entire Show Here: Telomere length can be a marker for an aging ...

From Individual to the Nation: The New Tax Plan's Impact with Alan Auerbach

1 нед. назад

Visit: Economist Alan Auerbach walks through the impact of the 2017 tax bill championed by President Trump and Congressional ...

Jesús Guzmán: Featured Student Speaker at the Goldman School of Public Policy Spring 2018

2 нед. назад

Visit: Jesús Guzmán, a second-year graduate student at UC Berkeley, talks about how growing up in California as an undocumented resident ...

Sleep Inflammation and Metabolism: Sleep-worthy Connections!

2 нед. назад

Visit: 0:15 - Aric Prather, UCSF Department of Psychiatry A sleepy brain is a hungry brain. Aric Prather explores the effect sleep loss has on ...

Eytan Elbaz Created AdSense

2 нед. назад

Visit: 3:31 - Eytan Elbaz, Entrepreneur Eytan Elbaz is an American entrepreneur and investor best known for co-founding Applied Semantics.

Improving Openness and Innovation in Scholarly Communication with Brian Nosek

2 нед. назад

Visit: 0:14 - Brian Nosek Brian Nosek, co-founder and executive director of the Center for Open Science, outlines the most urgent challenges ...

Advocacy and Street Safety: How People Power Wins Protected Bike Lanes

2 нед. назад

Visit: 0:15 - Start of Presentation - Charles Deffarges 31:09 - Q & A The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition promotes the bicycle for everyday ...

Limb Loss: Local and Global Initiatives

2 нед. назад

Visit: 0:15 - Presentation #1 - Corin Shirley, MS 16:06 - Presentation #2 - Alex Hetherington, CP 39:48 - Q & A Find out what UCSF is doing to ...

Annie Duke, World Series of Poker Champion, $5M In Winnings, Author of Thinking In Bets

2 нед. назад

Visit: 2:26 - Annie Duke Despite being retired for nearly a decade, until very recently, Annie was the world's winningest female poker player.

Alternative Medicine for Cyclists

2 нед. назад

Visit: 0:15 - Start of Presentation - Brad Jacobs, MD 31:09 - Q & A Understand more about testing and monitoring to optimize performance, ...

Serving Oakland with Annie Campbell Washington -- In the Living Room with Henry E. Brady

2 нед. назад

Visit: Oakland City Councilmember and Goldman School graduate Annie Campbell Washington talks about her career path in public service ...

CARTA: The Role of Hunting in Anthropogeny: Briana Pobiner - The Ecology of Hominin Scavenging

2 нед. назад

Visit: 1:41 - The Ecology of Hominin Scavenging - Briana Pobiner Hunting is considered a key human adaptation and is thought to have ...