Daniel Reynolds

Filmmaking Techniques

9 мес. назад

Trippy Education Film from 1969

5 г. назад

Case Study: Barbituates (1969)

Hilarious Education Video from the 60s

5 г. назад

Human Growth (1962)

Beaches, EDM and Topless Dancing at KaZantip/казантип Music Festival in Ukraine

5 г. назад Song: "Rehab Sunglasses" by Dan-O at

Interesting Video About Flight in the 60s

5 г. назад

Plane Talk (1965)

30s Pan Am Travel Film shows Pre-War South America and the Carribbean

5 г. назад

Flying the Lindbergh Trail (1937)

Extremely Racist Anti-Japanese WWII Film

5 г. назад

"Our Enemy, The Japanese" (1943)

"Moment of Decision" (1962) Sid Davis Safety Film

5 г. назад

Probably the worst voice over narration in the history of filmmaking...

70s Safety Film on How To Avoid Rape. "Beware the Rapist"

5 г. назад

"Beware the Rapist" (1977) Directed by Sid Davis.

The Funniest 10 Minutes of 1965 Education Film

5 г. назад

I edited the half hour film down to just its best bits...

Racist Betty Boop Cartoon! "Making Stars"

5 г. назад

"Making Stars" (1935)

"Fresh Hare" UNCUT! [Remasterd HD] Bugs Bunny in Black Face!

5 г. назад

The last scene of this cartoon was cut for syndication, but now you can see the uncut version!

"Scrub Me Mama With a Boogie Beat" [Remastered HD]

5 г. назад

Ridiculously racist cartoon from Universal Studios.

"All This and Rabbit Stew" [Remastered HD]

5 г. назад

One of the "Censored 11" Warner Bros cartoons that were banned from syndication.